Posted: June 17, 2020

Company: Nestlé

Employer Type: Other

Position Type: Full Time

Job Type: Electrician

Experience Level: Mid Level

Certification Required: Journey-Level Certification in Industrial Electronics preferred

Education Required: Associates


County: MORGAN

Salary Range: Up to $35000

Maintain, monitor, troubleshoot, repair and install electrical equipment and electronic instrumentation associated with processing and packaging in a food manufacturing facility.

• Troubleshoot, repair, replace and install various control devices including but not limited to sensors, actuators, transformers, circuit breakers, motors, conduit, switches, and other control mechanisms.
• Provide support for Maintenance and Engineering modifications and improvements. May include but not limited to:
o Substations and MCCs, requiring knowledge of 480V, three phase, 120VAC, and 24 VDC control and power systems.
o PLCs and HMIs
o Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
o Building Automation System (BAS)
o Utility Management System (UMS)
o Energy Management System (EMS)
o Control System Networks (Ethernet, ControlNet, Ethernet and instrument digital bus systems)
• Maintain and troubleshoot Production PLCs, database systems, control networks, instrumentation, and electrical systems (480V and below.)
• Disassemble, inspect, reassemble, troubleshoot, repair and replace malfunctioning parts or equipment (motors, switches, sensors, input /output boards, controllers, servos, gears, sprockets chains, knives, etc. using test equipment and meters such as VOM, megger, amp probe and PC.
• Splice wires and install conduit, panel boards, switch boxes, motors and drives and other electrical equipment demonstrating proper use of tools such as hacksaws, pipe benders, pipe threaders, hammers and screwdrivers.
• Stay well informed of current and emerging technology in order to test or recommend new equipment.
• Clean, lubricate and adjust guides, flap tuckers, sealing jaws, sensors, servos and timing of packaging equipment to improve efficiency, quality or operation.
• Perform routine preventive maintenance procedures as per schedule.
• Install change parts (pockets, flap tuckers, film folding shoulders, etc.) on processing, packaging and conveying equipment to enable product size/volume changeovers.
• Diagnose problems, identify parts, plan and execute electrical repairs and installations, and learn proper equipment operation by reading blueprints, wiring diagrams, programs/ladder logic and machinery manuals.
• Perform additional duties as assigned.

Desired Skills

Able to identify and repair the causes/reasons for failures of circuit, fuses, switches, solenoids and sensors.
• Able to repair and replace broken or malfunctioning components of machinery and equipment and repair and maintain the operating condition of industrial production and processing machinery and equipment.
• Able to use measuring tools, hand tools, small powered equipment (saws, drills, etc.), and other shop equipment.
• Able to identify problems, analyze test results, machine or other error messages, and information obtained from operators in order to diagnose equipment problems.
• Able to communicate verbally with leaders and co-workers to accomplish tasks, able to give and receive feedback, listen and ask questions
• Able to read and utilize schematics, process and instrument diagrams (P&IDs), equipment manuals, and other instructions and engineering documents
• Able to utilize critical thinking skills to reason, solve problems, analyze graphs, interpret data, troubleshoot equipment and systems, participate and lead process improvement, and make decisions.

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